Saturday, September 10, 2005

Almost 20 Weeks and New Pics!

We are just shy of 20 Weeks! That golden half-way point!

Katherine felt the baby move for the first time on September 1st. Wouldn't you know it - he/she picked to be active while Katherine was sitting quietly in Church. Actually, while Katherine's in Church seems to be his/her favorite time to play around and move. Our ultrasound went well. Our doctor will go over the full report with us in about a week. We weren't able to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl because he or she had the legs crossed the entire time - that's my baby! Practicing modesty already! We're so proud. Anyway, we guess God wants it to be a surprise for now.

Everyone is doing well except for our dog - he continues to struggle with the cancer. We think the cat gave herself a sympathy ear infection - such a dope!

Katherine is doing pretty well - getting more noticeably pregnant. We hope you all enjoy the pictures from the sonogram.

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