Monday, October 17, 2005

25 Weeks!

Well, tomorrow makes 25 Weeks! We had our 6 month doctor's appt. today and everything looks great. The baby's heartbeat was in the upper 140s/lower 150s (it was hard for the doctor to tell the baby was moving around so much). The ultrasound report looked good; the baby's growth and development is right on schedule.
We did have one adjustment to make this past week to Katherine's thyroid medication. She is hypothyroid and the dosage had to be increased, but not a big deal, just a few added pounds.

Stuffy, our 17 year old cat, is becoming a challenge all her own. She was recently diagnosed with ringworm requiring a medication that can cause birth defects so Katherine can barely touch her and James has to give her her meds. She was also diagnosed as being diabetic. Tomorrow, she will be at the vet getting her first insulin shot. It is isn't one thing with one pet it is another.

The baby continues to be quite active, especially after meals.

And the Baby Shower is soon approaching...November 12!

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