Monday, November 14, 2005

29 Weeks!

29 Weeks! Well, 11 weeks to go! The baby shower went well. We think and hope everyone had a good time. There certainly was plenty of good food! The cat's blood sugar levels are slowly improving. And she has been switched to a low allergen diet which seems to have slowed her itching. Hopefully she will eventually be fully covered in fur again. Never realized before how grateful we should be that cats are covered with fur - without it they resemble rats!

Katherine passed her glucose test. Just barely, but, hey, passing is passing! Blood Pressure is good. Baby's heartbeat is steady in the upper 140s/lower 150s. Dr. said Katherine is measuring right on target. Our next appt. is on December 9th. We have begun putting together the crib and sorting through baby clothes and trying to get things set up. We've installed the base for the car seat in the car. We have registered for our birthing class which will be in mid-December and we also signed up for the baptismal class at our parish which will be in early December. Can't deny it - time is growing short! But there seems to be sooo much to do!

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