Tuesday, December 13, 2005

33 Weeks!

Well, 7 weeks to go! Or thereabouts! The baby's movements have become a bit more subtle as he/she continues to loose space in there. We gave our birth plan to our doctor, and everything continued to look good at our 32 week appointment. Funnily enough, cravings have calmed down a great deal. The only thing Katherine seems to consistently crave, stereotypically enough, is Baskin Robbins Chocolate Ice Cream. James has been craving the Baskn Robbins Butter Pecan.

We are in some of the final stages of preparation - preparing the small suitcase for the hospital, preparing stuff for the baby's arrival here at the apartment, and the like. Our next doctor's appt. is December 30th, so, barring any surprises, our next baby update will probably be at week 36.

On our pet update, Stuffy, our now diabetic cat, will need to receive not only daily insulin shots, but regular fluids as she has now been diagnosed with kidney failure. Between Biscuit and Stuffy, we now feel that any skinned knees and booboos should be easy as pie.

We hope everybody has a blessed Christmas and a joyous New Year!

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