Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Baptism!!!

I hope everyone had a most Blessed Easter!!!

My Easter was certainly one I'll never forget. We went to the 11am mass, which was a first for us since we used to always attend the vigil but given how fussy Cecilia was Saturday night it was just as well we didn't. The mass was beautiful with the lilies and candles and sooo many people. At his closing the priest said, "for those of you I won't see, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas" and we had to laugh at his wit. He is British and loves to show off that British humor although in this case hopefully it made a point as well. My only complaint was the temperature of the Church which was quite warm. Now warm for an adult is generally simply an inconvenience, but while holding an infant it becomes real penance. As Cecilia and my bodied were so close together and I was holding her the heat built up fast. I had to take her outside to cool off a few times. So naturally I spent most of mass holding her. She did sleep from the end of the Gospel until the Our Father but my arms were pretty tired by the end of mass. I told another priest after mass how long she had slept and needed to go outside and such and he replied, "oh that's not bad. I know people twice your age who do worse!"
After mass at the apartment, she wanted me to keep moving and continue holding her. Needless to say by now my arms and legs were getting tired. We tried to get her to nap before her Baptism, but she was determined not to. So around 2 we left for the Church and a few minutes into the car ride (without any crying for the 2nd time in her life) Cecilia fell asleep. She was out for almost a solid hour. I held her through all of her Baptism as well. The Church had cooled a bit but still was warm. I guess I had two favorite parts to the Baptism. First when Father (yes, a third priest) said, "I claim you for Christ." Second when the water was poured over her head. She had been asleep the whole time until that part. I don't think the water itself was what woke her so much as the sound of it hitting the font below and echoing up. I think Father smiled at these sudden big eyes looking up wondering what in the world was going on. It was later decided the opening of her eyes was really her opening to the Spirit! But she behaved beautifully until just before we left the Church when she realized her nap had been interrupted and filled the Church with screams. Oh well. Can't keep her quiet all the time.
The reception was a dinner at a nearby Marriott. oh boy was the food good. I ate so fast while Cecilia would let me that my stomach got upset but it was good nonetheless. Cecilia was pretty well behaved for a 2 1/2 month old at a 3 hour reception who had just had her nap interrupted. She slept maybe 45 minutes of the whole thing. James and I took turns holding her by this point. By the time we got home I think I was more tired and ready for bed than Cecilia was.
Hopefully by our next post on Cecilia's website we will get some Baptism pictures up!

Cecilia was Baptized Cecilia Bernadette on Easter, St. Bernadette's Feast Day and Pope Benedict XVI's 79th Birthday! Would be hard to forget this day!

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