Thursday, April 6, 2006

I hate thinking of titles here

New Mommy Revelation: People always liked to tell me with a wide grin: "enjoy those stinky diapers" or "get ready for all those poopy diapers." As a mother now of almost 10 weeks, I have to laugh at such comments, or just about any comment involving diapers beyond the expense. Honestly, the diapers are by far and away the EASIEST part of parenting. Why? When your child is screaming and has already been fed, has a clean diaper, just woke from a nap, has no fever, seems either bored or annoyed with toys and cries no matter what position you hold him or her in, your mind becomes frozen trying to figure out what to do next to keep your little one healthy and happy. Your mind, no matter what it used to do before, now becomes obsessed with the bouncy duty of constantly trying to figure out why your baby is crying and it isn't always easy to remember every possibility every time he or she cries. But the stinky, poopy diaper? It is the easy part....YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT! As long as you wipe the bottom well and secure the diaper well, you can't screw it up! In my experience, which granted is limited to 10 weeks but is 24 hours a day, diapers are the easy part, even when the little one does something on still know what to do with it!

On a side note, since I want my children well-educated and very well read, I have begun compiling a list of books I think such a person should read or have read. I haven't finished it yet, although so far it is about 135 titles. I also plan to start a list for speeches, documents, poems and plays, but I'm not there yet. (Cecilia kept me quite busy all morning being very fussy.)


  1. Since I can sleep....

    Actually, I'll wait till I see the list. 135 is a lot. Most of th eones I could come up with at the top of my head you probably have already named.