Thursday, April 20, 2006

Modern Sexism?

Okay, I have a question.

In the new Millenium women can wear pants and it isn't rebellious, a woman may soon become president (God willing though a good one), a woman is just as likely to be a doctor as a nurse and almost any and all barriers (maybe even a few unfortunate ones) between men and women are indistinguishable. So why is it that if I dress my daughter in blue people assume she is a boy!!! I have some cute onsies of M&Ms (a solid color with the face of the M&M on the front and the big M near the bottom front) in red, orange and blue (the yellow was too bright for me and the sexy face on the green one just seemed inappropriate to me). A few days ago I was out walking with Cecilia in her carrier and she was wearing the blue one and a man jogging said, "What a beautiful baby. I bet it's a boy." Of course I said, "Nope, a girl." and he said she was still beautiful. But I've also had people at the supermarket and the cathedral ask me how old "HE" was while wearing this blue outfit. But if I have her in a yellow or white outfit, people will ask if my baby is a boy or a girl. Of course if she is in pink, they assume she is a girl. So what is it about the color blue (I also suspect the same of green) that people assume a baby to be a boy? I wear blue all the time - next to purple it is my favorite color. I find it amazing that in a time when society and women's groups are ready to sue and scream over women's rights it is still completely acceptable to stereotype a baby's gender merely by the color he or she is wearing. To me, blue doesn't mean male but Marian! Now I have nothing against pink. Cecilia has some outfits in pink. But if you go shopping for baby girl's clothes, a vast majority of the selection is pink. I would not want to wear the same color all the time. At Macy's a couple weeks ago my husband and I saw such a nice selection of baby clothes for her in lavendar, we had to buy one because it wasn't pink. Certainly baby clothes makers can make clothes feminine without making them all pink, so why the binge on pink and why the assumption in society about the baby colors pink and blue? I certainly believe in the differences between masculinity and femininity, but I find it a bit bazaar that such attributes are attributed to colors. I have a daughter and she is absolutely beautiful. And I see no reason she shouldn't wear blue (or maybe green) simply because society is sheepish enough to assume she is a boy based on the colors of her outfit.

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