Thursday, April 20, 2006

Newly Baptized Cecilia

Well, Easter Sunday went quite well. The morning started out rather busy as we tried to eat, get ready for Mass as well as get Cecilia as comfortable as possible. Cecilia even got a nice bath before her big day. We went to the 11 AM Mass at St. Bernadette's Catholic Church, and the pews were filled everywhere. Katherine's family as well as my family attended Mass with us. I think the only thing missing, for me, was incense, well because I enjoy incense at these festive masses. We also had Cecilia in a cute dress for the first time. Below you get a picture of Cecilia as we sat her up on the sofa in her outfit.

After Mass, Katherine, Cecilia, and I headed back to our apartment to rest and get a snack to eat before the Baptism. We then changed Cecilia into a onesie we bought for her to wear under her baptismal dress and then got her into the carrier, packed up the dress, cameras, and other stuff, and we left for the Church early so that we could have extra time. Before we got to the Church, Cecilia had fallen asleep in the carseat. This is something she rarely does but she needed a nap and I guess she got tired enough to fall asleep. We actually let her sleep all the way until we had to get her dressed in the baptismal dress before the baptism. Even after getting her dressed, she persisted to be sleepy.

The Baptism started around 3 PM with Fr. Caulfield celebrating the Baptism. Below is a picture of him preparing the Baptismal Font.

Here is a picture of the three of us with Cecilia's Godparents - Kirsten and Andrew.

Here's the pouring of the water on Cecilia's head. From what Michael, Cecilia's Uncle, who was taking the photographs here said, this picture was snapped when Fr. Caulfield was saying "in the name of the Father....
It was during this time when Cecilia finally woke up. You can see her eyes looking around, no doubt wondering why water was being poured upon her head. The Baptism went really well and it is no doubt a very memorable occasion for Katherine and me. It had been quite a while since we attended a baptism so it was very new to us. Cecilia handled the Baptism really well too. I think she enjoyed it.

Below, I am including several more photographs from the rest of the Baptism. It includes a shot of the baptismal candle that Andrew is holding as well as a blessing for Katherine and then for me.

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