Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Reading and Learning...

Well, I finished In Cold Blood today. It is a good thing too - I was actually having nightmares revolving around it. But it was quite well written and a good read. I must say though, it has to be about the most senseless and mind-boggling crime I've ever read about and I've read several of John Douglas' books!

Well, I am on to my next book, and this one will take me a bit longer to get through since it is about 700 pages longer. That and I need to clean the apartment sometime during this reading. But I've always wanted to read Gone With The Wind since Melanie Hamilton is one of my all-time favorite movie characters. I'm hoping I like her as much after I've read the book.

Cecilia continues to impress as she enjoys standing, with help of course, on my lap and her head control continues to improve. We plan to go shopping for her baptismal gown this week or next.

I may add to this later, but I wanted to start it now while I have been thinking about it...

Things my daughter has taught me...
First, if you have to, you can do just about anything.
Second, just about everything is more fun with children.

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