Monday, April 24, 2006

So Sleepy...

I am soooooo exhausted.
Last Wednesday night Cecilia performed her own miracle sleeping 7 straight hours! Unfortunately that was where easiness and good nights of sleep ended. Thursday she got her DTaP and PCV vaccinations. She conked out almost immediately afterwards but only for about 15 minutes. Friday night she woke up half a dozen times. The last 3 days we have been lucky if we could get her to nap for a total of 4 hours a day! Saturday night, with the sole exception of between 12am and 1am, she woke me every single hour. Even yesterday when I tried to nap with her, over the course of a 2 hour nap she woke up, and hence woke me up, three times. Last night improved a bit with no waking between 10pm and 1am and then another nice rest until 3am. Then it was hit and miss until 5:30 when we got up and went to mass.
In an attempt to get some semblence of sanity to all our lives, we are going to try to get her on some schedule as well as start a bedtime routine. So we will get up early every morning, aiming around 5:30 for morning mass, and give her a bath and massage and nursing in time to put her to sleep at 8pm. As far as how naps will work in between, I have no idea yet. She has been all over the map so I hope to see how today will go first. So far she conked out during the consecration and is still asleep an hour later. Can't say as I blame her. If I haven't slept much, you know she hasn't gotten much more.

On a side note, yesterday was the first day since I started I didn't read any of Gone With The Wind. But I am currently halfway through it and considering I've only been reading it about 2 1/2 weeks and take care of a 12 week old and did a thorough cleaning of the apartment today I think I'm doing quite well. I must say I am enjoying the book quite a lot. Scarlett's character is much richer in the book and there is one chapter about the Yankees at Tara that is fantastic and would have been great if they had put it in the movie. For those familiar with the story, Ashley just came back from war and Scarlett just learned of the increase in taxes on Tara. One pleasure the book provides is much more banter back and forth between Rhett and Scarlett. My goal is to finish the book about halfway through May.

Anyway, this week I hope to clean the cabinet in our bathroom and put together a good First Aid Kit. On Thursday Cecilia's bandaids for her shots came off and we actually had to go hunting around the apartment for bandaids. So I figure it is something that should be done.

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