Friday, April 28, 2006

Updates and a Reflection

Well, Cecilia's sleeping has been improving. She napped 7 hours yesterday and was ready for bed by 7pm. That is a record for her. She also seems to be sleeping better at night. I am beginning to think scheduling, at least a little in terms of a bedtime routine and when they get up or go to bed, is beneficial to babies. I think it gives them an added sense of security that they know what is coming and what to expect. I've also come to wonder if they might gain weight better if they sleep more. I know I gain more weight if I nap more than if I don't.

I am 2/3 through GWTW and getting more and more excited about finishing it. But I'll wait until I'm done for my full review.

Also, we think Cecilia may be in early teething. I know it is a bit early but she drools like crazy, loves to gum my fingers, wrist, arm, her arm and hand, etc., and her upper gums feel a bit more bumpy than before. We could be wrong, but we'll see. Although the wondering has got me dreaming about her teething now.

Here is a little reflection for you...
I was looking at my daughter the other day and she was looking up at me smiling as she loves to do now. (She is also getting much more vocal.) And it struck me that she doesn't care what vehicle we drive or where we live or if we own any movies or books or what day it is or anything as long as I am there. Think about it. For this little person nothing beyond her basic needs matter except her parents, people. It is so simple. If all people start out like this, when and why does it change? Not that books or cars are bad, but when and why do they come to mean so much to us? I had to admire Cecilia's simplicity at what matters to her. I'm sure eventually she will learn what "my toy" means, emphasis on the "my," but perhaps when we think of the Gospel quote about "unless you become like a child," we might consider not only the simple trust a child has towards his/her parent but also how we began by desiring that which is most important. At 3 months, my daughter never loses focus of what is important to her. If only all of us should be so focused always on what truly matters.

P.S. - for anyone soon to be having their own first child, we have found original Desitin works great, but not the creamy version or Balmex. Balmex didn't do anything for us.

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