Thursday, April 13, 2006

We are getting Cecilia a new Doctor

Well, so far Cecilia's only reaction to the Hib and Polio vaccines was a slight fever on Tuesday. I can't say she has been fussier considering she has been pretty fussy the last week and a half. Due to the facts that twice people at her doctor's office have made me feel guilty for not getting the Hep B vaccine, her doctor's office claims to be "unable" to get the PCV vaccine and told me I'd have to get the DTaP vaccine from a pharmacy (which, BTW, neither safeway nor CVS will carry), and after originally telling me I'd have to wait a week for their service to simply photocopy her files and then agreeing to give them to me the same day I called for $20 ($20 for an office to photocopy a file of 5 or 6 pages of information we are entitled to by law!), we have decided to change doctors for Cecilia. It just seems like this previous office consistantly just made things more difficult for us.

So, next Thursday we have an apt. at a new doctor's office, which has 4 pediatricians, where they will give her the DTaP and the PCV and have absolutely no problem that we don't want to get the Hep B! The new office is about as far away as the old one.

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