Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Up ... Down ... Up ... Down ...

Well, Cecilia has now mastered going from a sitting position to laying on her tummy AND BACK AGAIN! She figured out how to crawl backwards a couple of weeks ago. And now when she gets frustrated on her tummy, she simply pushes herself back until she is sitting again! I'm impressed. I know she is aching to crawl forward. I hope she figures out how to do it soon - she will be so happy once she does.
She also seems to like peas although bananas continue to be her favorite. She is also eating more solids. She has increased her daily intake from 2/3 a container to a whole one. She is a child who does not like to sleep easily but absolutely loves learning new things. She wants to see, touch, and taste absolutely everything and her patience to do so is quite short. Hopefully she'll have her crawling down soon and a-baby-gate-shopping we shall go!

We are looking forward to taking her 6 month stats on Saturday and updating you on them!

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