Friday, July 28, 2006

Whoa! Baby!

Yesterday Cecilia gave us all a startle. A good startle in the end, but still a startle.

We were doing our shower/bath routine in the evening. I had just gotten out of the shower while James was watching Cecilia playing in her crib. Cecilia was enjoying her usual method of play - sit, lay on tummy, push up on hands and knees, back onto tummy, push into a sitting position - when she decided not to go back to sitting and instead grabbed hold of the lowest railing of the crib with both hands and put her mouth on it (another first). We both thought this was very cute. Then suddenly and surprisingly she pulled herself up to stand! This was both very exciting, as she has never pulled herself up into a standing position before, and very nerve-wracking as this left the lowest railing no higher than her waist. Fortunately we were both there and paying attention so we did NOT experience another first - a first dive out of the crib.
Needless to say this morning I lowered the mattress in her crib so the railings are now higher should she decide to do that again.

Just after my previous post Cecilia made a liar out of me and almost stopped eating solids completely yesterday. Her teething was bothing her quite a bit. If she could get near her it went in her mouth and she was superfussy all day. Today has been much better fortunately. Hopefully bananas will be on her agenda again.

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