Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mission: Silent Night

Well, we are trying a couple of things to improve Cecilia's sleep.

1. We intentionally did NOT let her go to sleep on the way back from Church today.
2. Upon arriving home we immediately fed her some rice cereal (for the iron mainly), some sweet potatoes and some apple juice in her sippy cup.
3. Then I nursed her and she fell asleep on my lap.
4. She napped (after I transitioned her into her swing) for 3 hours!

Already that is a big improvement over the previous two days' naps. She had been only sleeping about an hour and then waking.

So our twofold plan to improve her nighttime sleep is to 1) fill her little tummy during the day with rice cereal, solids and juice 2-3 times a day plus nursing and 2) get her naps on a more solid schedule. Hopefully doing these two things will mean she will not wake as much at night.

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  1. Hi! I ran across the links to your blog on a TTC post that mentioned the desire for a large family, so I thought we would have something in common!
    I wish I could relate to the sleep problems - but my little guy (5 & 1/2 months) does 5-7 hours a night. We co-slept/cradle for the first 3 months, then moved him to his crib and now he can hardly sleep in bed with me anymore, he's too figetty! I take him to his crib and he relaxes. He tummy sleeps....
    Ok, this is a huge comment. Oh, well! Feel free to browse my blog and visit my archives. Today's post is a little depressing and non-baby related! :)
    Ashley (aka