Monday, August 28, 2006


Last night, after her bath, I noticed Cecilia's lower front gums a little red. I put my finger in to feel and sure enough they were swollen. I didn't know if it was teething or if she had irritated the area gnawing on Dori, a hard bath toy from Finding Nemo. Overall her night wasn't bad. This morning after Church she took a nap but only slept an hour and a half and woke up crying. I put her in her stroller to take her for her walk and noticed she still had some sweet potatoes from breakfast on her face (I do try to clean her thoroughly but honestly she can get it everywhere!). I took a wet napkin to clean her face and when it lowered her lower lip, behold, on her lower gum in the front were two small white bumps! They are just barely at the surface, but the teeth have arrived!!!

On a completely different note, we have found something that absolutely terrifies Cecilia. Prior to a few animated films, there is the well-recognized THX music and introduction when the sound begins low and deep and slowly but significantly grows to a loud humming sound. The first time this came on our TV set little Cecilia was playing on the floor and she heard the sound and began crying and trying to crawl as fast as she could away from the TV. Poor thing. I grabbed her as fast as I could and calmed her and now have to watch the beginning of every video and the volume to make sure if there is one (which they won't let you skip sometimes) it is quiet.

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