Tuesday, September 12, 2006

If You Want to Feel Weak, Arm Wrestle My Infant Daughter

She is one strong little cookie. I have little clasps that attach to her car seat or stroller and hold on to various toys, a pacifier, a teething necklace, etc. She pulls the whole clasps off her seat. She has also become strong enough to push herself and her security blanket completely out from under me and migrate around in the bed at night. Last night I woke once to find her head almost hanging off the bed but her feet up against my stomach!

So today I went to BabiesRUs and bough a guard railing to put on my side of the bed so she won't fall off.

I also got a couple of plates that suction on to her tray for her to work on learning how to feed herself, which she seems most anxious to do. It was an improvement as it was easier to keep the plate down and she could grab at anything she wanted, but eventually the plate became unstuck and she and I battled to keep it right side up. But it is improving. She also gets to practice putting the spoon in the food herself and then putting it in her mouth.

P.S. - She really loves those Gerber WagonWheels, at least the apple flavored ones.

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