Thursday, September 28, 2006

Update: Exploring but no Vacuums

Well, Cecilia is doing quite well.

Her bottom two front teeth are coming up nicely. She has become a big fan of teething biscuits, Gerber Puffs Wagonwheels, Cheerios, baked potato as well as Tater Tots. She wasn't too thrilled with chicken but she loved the Baked Cheetos! (I'm bad I know, but they disolve easily and are yummy and Mommy was eating them.)

She now climbs to a standing position anywhere and on almost anything, even plain wall. She has had quite a bit of fun the past week or so exploring the apartment. As I've been cleaning and further baby-proofing each room, she gets to explore them as I go and she loves it! She loves making the doorstoppers doing their "boing!" sound when she hits them and hearing the clicking sound of the bathroom scale, hitting her box of diapers and trying, without any success, to get the covers off the electrical outlets (if she does get one out or the outlets are too loose, we put packaging tape over them and she likes trying to get that off too, but no luck, heeheehee). I bought some tough rubber covers (they are designed to go over the edges of fireplaces but oh well) and taped them upside down on the second to bottom shelf of each bookcase so when she crawls to the bottom shelf and uses the one above it to stand up she doesn't bump her head. Fortunately she hasn't figured out yet how to get anything off a bookcase.

In the bathrooms and kitchen, she won't crawl on her knees. Instead she crawls on her hands and feet so she resembles and oddly walking frog. I hope to catch some video of it soon and put it on the web. It is so cute and so funny but she just does not like her knees on the linoleum.

Thus far she has gotten scared and cried when the THX sound came on the tv, when we played with the camera effects on my new computer and instead of mommy and cecilia she saw two of both and her latest terror is the dreaded vacuum cleaner. What used to calm and soothe her has become a vicious monster filling her with terror whenever she is in the same room with it - whether I hold her or not.

She turns 8 months tomorrow so we will get her updated stats to you then.

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