Thursday, September 7, 2006


Well, almost two weeks ago Cecilia and I began taking daily walks. We walk Monday through Saturday about 1.5-2 miles each day. Cecilia LOVES it! She just rides quietly chewing on toys the whole time. Yesterday she even got to see a big bright yellow and black butterfly flight right in front of her. When the weather is too wet we drive up to the Columbia mall and do our walking there. I get to browse and she gets to see something different but it does get tiresome getting stared at, as some people tend to do, and it does sometimes become too much stimulation and she gets upset.

SURPRISE! We are not getting one tooth but TWO! Both of her bottom front teeth are coming through. One has already broken through and it sprouting upward and the has just broken through and is along the surface. Boy those teeth are sharp little buggers!

Cecilia has gotten big enough where we have to belt her in when she is in her swing and she has even gotten too big to be in it swinging from side to side (she can still turn 90 degrees while belted in and then it throws her head around). So we are just waiting for her to be too big to ride in it swinging front and back before we retired the much loved swing. :(

Cecilia has experimented this week with finger foods. She is quite fond of the Gerber Puffs WagonWheels as she can put them in her mouth herself. Although I have to do it for her, she has also enjoyed pieces of pears this week. In fact she has enjoyed finger foods so much she seems to be refusing to eat the pureed foods (at least with pears, we will see if the pattern continues with other things).

Also, per the doctor's recommendation, I've lowered her crib mattress to the lowest setting and she STILL can stand up along the railing! We'll keep you posted and once those teeth are all the way in we'll see if we can't get a picture up of her new smile.

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