Wednesday, October 4, 2006

If Jesus Came to Your Local Sports Arena

Cecilia and I went to mass this morning and I had to wonder something as I looked at the people there for mass.

If it was announced that Jesus would be coming to your local sports arena and making a personal appearance there. Tickets were completely free and seating was on a first come first serve basis. Given this scenerio, and if you were to come, would you opt to sit in the nose-bleed seats?!?! So, why at mass do so many people choose to sit in the back or the corners or so far away from the altar when there are plenty of open seats near to the front and Jesus Himself will be there? I know I'd want to be as close as possible and do sit half-way up the pews even though I know I will probably end up having to get up and walk Cecilia around the back of the Church for a while.

I suppose the same scenerio would also give rise to the question of why more people aren't at daily mass, but there could be many reasons for that so I'm not going to go there.

It just seems to me that if people really reflected on what happened at mass a lot more of them would sit a lot closer.


  1. I have a reason why I do it. I imagine someone might have the same reason or another one I didn't think of.

  2. I grant that a few people might have reasons. When I was very pregnant, I sat near the back because it was closest to the bathrooms. But I find it amazing how many people choose to sit so far back - even at daily mass when there are only a few dozen to begin with.

  3. I meant spiritual ones.