Wednesday, January 31, 2007

House ... of death

You may be familiar with the FOX show House. It has been on a couple of seasons now about a doctor named Dr. House. It tends to be very witty and can be quite humorous.

I have now watched two full episodes, the second being last night's "shocking revealing secret episode" and BOTH of the episodes I have completely watched had an abortion in them. I must say, in this case, two strikes and you are out. I cannot watch another one. The first I watched was in the first season where a 12 year old swimmer was given an abortion and Dr. House did/could not even tell her parents she was pregnant no less that they gave her an abortion. Last night's was of a girl who was raped and didn't believe in abortion and even argued with House about how it was murder, which House does not contend, and it was immoral, which he also concedes, but after an argument about God and the meaning of life he convinces her to "terminate" her pregnancy anyway. It is quite discpicable to me that such action would be taken and it actually be believed to have helped her - oh yeah like she won't regret betraying her own principles later - it was really for her own good and her own healing. Spare me.

My other issue concerning the series is their magic medicine and how much of the medical references in the show are made up. Of course they never tell the viewer how much is made up and how much isn't, but consider this....In last night's episode the girl had been rapes no more than one week before her seeing House and yet within a day or two at most, they know she is pregnant. Even with a blood test it has to be a MINIMUM of 10 days past conception for a blood test to acurately determine pregnancy. Prior to that the hormones to look for simply aren't there in levels detectable to indicate pregnancy.

While I grant the show to be written with a great amount of wit and humor with quick quips and one-liners, it is most despicable in my opinion not only to be pushing a pro-abortion agenda, but to even do so with fantasized medicine. It is one show I personally can no longer tolerate.

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