Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Favorite Things To Do!

Well, lately Cecilia has picked up three new things she loves to do....

1. She loves to twirl. She will just start spinning in circles in one place until she gets too dizzy to continue. She esp. likes doing this while holding a blanket or towel and see what she hits with it while spinning.

2. She has discovered if she pushes down harder with one foot than the other while she is walking it is louder. STOMP! walk. STOMP! You get the idea. She even tries to do this in the bath tub!

3. Her absolute favorite thing to do now is get on her hands and feet and raise her rump in the air and tuck her head under so she can look at the world upside down through her legs. She does this everywhere. Sometimes I can't resist and put my head down to say hi to her through her legs. She laughs.

Overall her sleeping and eating changes are going very well. She generally does end up in our bed late in the night, but that is after sleeping 6 or so solid hours in her crib and sometimes another stretch after that.

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