Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sleeping and Eating

Well, the past week has been VERY busy for Cecilia.

Cecilia had been cosleeping and nursing at will 24/7 pretty much.

We have cut back her nursing to 3 per day and she is doing very well with that although it did take a day or two for her to learn she couldn't pull up my shirt whenever she wanted.

Yesterday she also began sleeping in her crib. She slept there for both naps, which, unfortunately, were only 30 and 40 minutes each, but it is a start. She slept there last night and had the best night she has had in a long while, for the most part. She slept from 6:50pm until midnight, nursed and then slept from 12:30 until 4:24am. This was where it got unpleasant. I couldn't get her back to sleep. I tried for almost an hour and a half both in the crib and in our bed. Finally, with only 4 hours of sleep myself, I gave in and nursed her to sleep in our bed and we all got another hour of sleep. I think tonight we will try putting her to bed a bit later and see if she can make it at least until the 5am hour. We usually get up between 5:30 and 5:45 but 4:24 is too early for a rooster no less us.

Overall she is doing very very well. She cries very little when going to sleep in her crib.

James just recaulked (sp?) part of our bathtub so we are hoping in the next day or two to move her baths out of her little inflatable tub (that goes in the big tub) and just have her take her baths in the big tub. Then she will get to use all her Christmas tub toys!

We have a few videos but I haven't d/led them yet. Will get on it soon though! God Bless! And here's to peaceful sleep.....zzz....

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