Saturday, January 6, 2007


I'm sorry it has been a while since an update.

Three weeks ago, James became ill. The day after Christmas, I became ill. And on New Year's Day Cecilia fell ill. Other than a lingering cough, I am well again. Cecilia's fever has left and her runny nose has improved somewhat but her cough is still strong. James' illness has developed to a bacteria infection for which he is now taking antibiotics. Needless to say this was not quite how we intended to spend the Christmas Season. We are all, however, on the road to recovery.

Unfortunately, all this material evil has delayed the printing of any pictures, the planning of Cecilia's First Birthday Party, some cleaning and chores, etc.

In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures from Christmas...

Here Cecilia and I chat with Fr. Caulfield, a dear friend, at the Cathedral of St. Matthew in Washington.

Isn't she adorable on her new sofa? It folds out to a mini bed too.

Here she is in her beautiful Christmas dress. We will get portraits taken in that dress in a couple of weeks as well.

Here we are again - but this time Cecilia wanted the camera.

Here is Cecilia playing at her very own kitchen

Here is the picture Cecilia's Great Grandma painted for her for Christmas

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