Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Attack on Christ

"Jesus' Tomb?"

Doubtless many have heard of this by now. Some people, including "Titanic" director James Cameron, are suggesting they have found the tombs of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and their "son" Judah. Now such a story would not have reached the first telephone if it was not argued to be referencing Jesus of Nazareth on whom all of Christianity is founded - so let's not beat around the bush contending it could be the tomb of some "Joshua" and some "Miriam" from around the time of Jesus who had a son named "Judah." You have to be a plain fool not to know what they are trying to suggest.

Besides, it is not the first time, nor will it be the last, when someone tries to think themselves important and earth-shattering by proclaiming something about Jesus of Nazareth to get headlines, fame, money, etc. Look at the Da Vinci Code if you want a recent example or the gnostic gospels if you want an older one.

At best these attempts are selfish endeavors to make oneself seem important and make one wealthy. But at worse, much graver consequences can be on the horizon...

Suppose even one person, ignorant of scholarly work on the truth of such claims and perhaps not even with a very rich or deep faith to dismiss such claims in the way they truly deserve, actually doubts his or her own previously accepted beliefs that Jesus is the Son of God, fully alive, truly risen and actually in heaven and has no help to pull him or her back from those doubts. Now, whether due to the selfishness and selfimportance of others or through the malicious and cynical contention of them against the Son of God, such little lambs as these may at the very least become very confused.

When I first read the article I wanted to cry. Here were those same people who have insulted and ridiculed my Church now trying to take my Jesus from me completely. He is the light of my life and indeed the breath that keeps me going and, indeed, even makes me pray for those who would take him from me and yet they seek to destroy him. Now, for me, it is true they did not in the least damage my faith except perhaps my faith in the decency of some people, but they did nonetheless hurt me with such stupidity and arrogance and perhaps even maliciousness.

It is sad the world has come to such as this for among many, quite simply, nothing but themselves is any longer sacred.


  1. I don't think the filmmakers intentions are noble. I think they have beliefs and are searching for validation of those beliefs through whatever means might come up. I don't believe however, that they are malicious. I don't think they want to hurt anyone, a vast majority of people's actions are self-centric. So, while unscientific and unreliable, I don't think they're evil or hateful.

  2. I don't think they are evil or hateful in themselves either, Richard.

    However I have no doubt that they are the pawns of Satan.