Monday, February 5, 2007

Cecilia's First Birthday Party

Well, Cecilia's First Birthday party went well. She was awake and cheerful for almost all of it. She has been playing with her new toys. And she couldn't have wished for a better menu than a crescent hotdog followed by cake! But enough are some pictures...

Here is Cecilia's Birthday Cake - it was my home-made attempt at Bob the Tomato (of Veggietale fame). Overall he didn't come out half bad. My biggest difficulty was that the icing turned more pink than red, but oh well.

Cecilia eagerly awaits her cake by gumming her kitchen spoon.

Here is icing face. We hope to get a couple more shots of more pink icing face today or tomorrow as we finish the cake.

Cecilia and Grandpa play with Uncle Jon's gift of Winnie the Pooh Mega Building Blocks. They make great chew toys too!

Cecilia the musician...she loves her baby grand piano from grandma!

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