Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Poor Little Cecilia

Well, Cecilia has now had two nights of misery in a row. I admit I do not know if it side effects from her Friday vaccinations or teething or illness but she has been waking a lot crying the past two nights and as of last night has a nose that could run a marathon. Even with Benadryl there is no stopping her runny nose. Add her hatred of having her nose and face wiped with tissues every 15-30 minutes and you get one miserable little Cecilia. She certainly seems to go at her face a great deal and, with getting 4 teeth at once, I suppose it is certainly possible it is simply teething. On the other hand she did get a 4 vaccination combo shot 4 days ago. And again it could simply be a cold though neither James nor I are sick. Regardless she is quite unhappy.

We are expecting 1-2 inches of snow tonight but at this rate she will be unable to play in it tomorrow.

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