Monday, March 5, 2007

Our Poor Little Angel

Last night, after going to bed like any other night, Cecilia awoke and threw up around 7:20pm. She did not have a fever but continue throwing up about every 15 minutes or so until around 1am and then the time between episodes began to increase until her final one at 4:20am. During this time I slept on the floor with her so I could be nearer to her but make it easier to clean her face every time she had to throw up. At 5:30, since she seemed to have stop, I moved her to her crib and she slept a solid two hours.

She did not have a fever all night and has only thrown up once more since 4:20 and we think that was from overdoing it (she had had water, pedialyte and breast milk and was walking around). Since there was no fever, it began almost exactly 2 hours after she finished eating dinner, and there was no apparent lead-in of pain or discomfort to this miserable night, we think it was food poisoning and the only thing she ate we can attribute this to was a newly opened pack of hotdogs - which have now been thrown out.

She is now napping and has been a real trooper. Would that all of us could be such good patients. She has barely cried through any of it and then it was mostly because I was trying to reposition her off her back and wipe her face.

Please whisper a prayer for our little Cecilia as she tries to get back on her feet.

UPDATE: Cecilia seemed to be improving yesterday as she kept down some baked chicken breast and some mashed potatoes but this afternoon she threw up again so I called her doctor and spoke to the nurse. She said it sounds like Cecilia has a gastrointestinal virus (which would account for the little to no fever) and to see how she is in a day or so. She should not vomit after today but the diarrhea is expected to continue a bit longer. Please say a prayer for our little patient.

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