Saturday, April 7, 2007


It has been a while since I updated due to being without a computer and being very busy.

Well, Cecilia's nights have not been any fun - between the teething and weather it has been hit and miss...until last night when she surprisingly and blessedly slept the whole night - from 7:40pm until 6:15am. God bless her.

She has learned how to climb upstairs in a crawl and walking and how to climb down stairs walking as well. She needs someone or something to hold on to, but we are impressed.

She has discovered she loves cucumbers, likes broccoli, loves stair ascending and descending (she does it anywhere and everywhere from the Franciscan Monastery to our apartment building), likes cream cheese and sour cream, loves rice with beef gravy, likes hashbrowns (who doesn't?), loves her new Little Mermaid ball, likes destroying anything mommy or daddy build with blocks, likes Pixar's Cars, and loves Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ (no we didn't let her watch all of it - just some of the less violent parts, but she was enraptured with those!).

I was looking forward to getting a nice picture of her all dressed pretty for Easter. But, as we expect to have an inch of snow by the end of today, we will have to consider the cold before the cuteness of her outfits and dress her accordingly (esp. as she has outgrown her winter coat and only has a spring jacket).

She does have a couple of Easter Baskets waiting for her (one from each set of grandparents and one from mom and dad) filled with cookies and crackers, a couple of DVDs, two little plush (one bunny and one Jr. Asparagus) some sidewalk chalk, coloring books and crayons she can use this summer (once she stops trying to eat/lick those things), a photo album of the main people she knows that she can have, play with and learn names from, playing/learning cards and other goodies.

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