Wednesday, May 23, 2007

From Illness to Teething

Well, Cecilia made a long drive to Florida for the weekend and back again. She was fantastic going down and wonderful all weekend long. She sometimes even stole the show from her two uncles - one graduating one with a birthday, but honestly, who would you rather tickle? Unfortunately the drive back did not go so smoothly. Only two hours into the driving and she threw up quite a bit. She hadn't eaten anything and obviously hadn't been feeling well but we had simply thought it was tiredness from a long and overstimulating weekend and maybe nerves knowing we were packing up and going somewhere again. However, by 2pm her fever had shot up to 103. Fortunately the Motrin helped bring that down to the mid 101s and by the evening she was eating mashed potatoes and corn (her choice). She slept pretty well that night and had a hearty appetite the first half of yesterday with a mild fever in the mid 99s.

Unfortunately, her difficulties were not to end there. Following closely on this apparent 24 hour bug, the fever continues in the mid 99s, her appetite almost disappearred and her slobbery drool became the equivalent of Yosemite Falls as she soaked her shirt. We think she is getting her incisors (the really pointy ones). It is a wee bit early for them to break through, but all the signs fit.

So we are keeping her on Motrin to try to keep her as comfortable as possible. Fortunately after the long weekend she doesn't have to leave the apt. at all today. She can hang out, rest and play to her heart's content.

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