Friday, August 24, 2007

Getting Bigger All the Time...

Cecilia came dangerously close to crawling out of her crib. She could get one whole leg over the top bar and lift herself up until her body was parallel to the floor.

So, before we had to deal with her and the floor being introduced from a much greater height than she has ever met the floor before.....

She picked out the Butterfly pillow herself. She loves butterflies.

It took us a day to get the guard rail that would fit next to the mattress but inside the side rail of the bedframe. There is no box spring but a special support board and hence she can get on and off her bed all by herself. Our only concern is the fact that once she is on it, she likes to jump and run and have a ball. Hopefully the novelty will wear off enough for the jungle gym antics to cease to panic me and threaten her.

While it did take us over an hour last night, she did go to sleep in her own bed and in fact slept there the entire night. I'm honestly not sure if she woke up all night or not. I know once, before I was asleep, I had to untangle her foot from the sheet, but most of the night was a blur to me.

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