Friday, August 24, 2007

Update on Baby "Bean"

Well, the results from the ultrasound were very good. The baby looks very healthy and right on schedule. She has been kicking me more and more, which makes me smile almost every time. She has even kicked Cecilia though I don't think Cecilia realized it as it was in the vicinity of her diaper.

James and I are working on names - primarily girl names though we do plan to have a boy's name just in case.

The pregnancy has been going very well and we are getting eager to meet our new little one.


  1. Dear ones,
    CeciLIA just told me of your blog & sent me to you! I am sooo ha--y that all is going well! Not only will I continue my -rayers, but will now b able to enjoy your BEAUTIFUL site! It shrinks the miles between us in a nanosecond!And ennables me to kee- -ace with your lovely Cecilia! She really is a darling!! So sorry she had that virus...Theo got one also in the UK so he's a soul-mate...tho' thank goodness that both of them r well & ha--y again! (U can c what letter I'm having trouble with on this keyboard...). Ho-e that u have a good delivery, dear Cathy, & the Baby Bean is as healthy & wonderful as her/his sister! Give my regards to your wonderful -arents...I think of them often (& i'm glad your MOM & her hi-s r doing fine now!) Love, Bonnie Dengler

  2. Maybe this one will finally get through to u...I've tried a few, Bonnie Dengler