Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Well, Cecilia had a good but difficult past month. The week prior to and half-week following the move she was ill with some sort of stomach virus. It was a very wierd virus in my book. She began getting diarhea one Sunday and that lasted non-stop for 2 weeks and she was vomiting on three different occassions but the occassions were not seperated by hours but days - 2 days and then 4 days. Fortunately the miserable virus left and she was her usual happy self again although her recovery became a bit complicated: in order to catch up on her fluids, she began drinking 8 8oz cups of water/apple juice per day until she was going through 10 diapers a day and I could not keep up. We cut the juice out of her beverages and she cut back pretty quickly. Three days after cutting back how much she was drinking, a most unpleasant cold hit and her nose has been running since, though it is improving. Needless to say, Cecilia has had better months.

However, we could not have wished for a better transition for her to the new place. She isn't afraid of anything and enjoys exploring every corner (we have had to put a lock on the lazy susan to be able to use it). Unfortunately for us she has figured out how to open all those child restraint devices on cabinets, but fortunately she leaves them alone most of the time.

Baby "Bean" in the mean time continues to kick up a storm. She has been kicking Cecilia and Cecilia has tried to draw with a marker on my belly. They are already playmates! We have purchased a small baby doll we are going to give Cecilia around the time the baby comes. She might not care for it. But it might give her her own baby when mommy has one in her arms as well.

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