Tuesday, October 2, 2007

We've Moved!

In mid-September we relocated ... about 3 1/2 miles from where we used to live, but a different city. We upgraded from an apartment to a townhouse we are now renting. It is cheaper than if we had renewed the lease at the apartment and yet gives us more space including and extra room, two extra half baths and a garage not to mention a deck and a backyard. The deck needs to be sanded and stained and the back yard fixed up a bit, but we are working on it. Our kitchen was upgraded to a fridge/freezer only 2 years old instead of 20, a dish washer that doesn't leak, a stove with burners that work and can even boil water in less than an hour and a double oven.

Cecilia has her own room now and sleeps in her own bed every night. She makes us read a few of her bedtime books repeatedly and then lays down on her baby pillow and sleeps in her own bed through the night. She shares a Finding Nemo and fish themed bathroom with grandpa.

We are almost done unpacking and setting up everything having gotten cable and internet service yesterday. We will try to get some pictures up once everything is clean and organized.

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