Friday, November 23, 2007

The Birthing Ball

One thing I had to say about my first natural birth experience...

I felt a little odd buying one of those large birthing balls. I mean, I imagine myself on one and think I will look like an idiot. I also wasn't quite sure how it could make a difference or why it would be a big deal.

I must say in that last hour and a half or so before my water broke and before I went to the hospital I couldn't believe the difference it made. I mean it wasn't like I didn't feel anything but the contractions were not as sharp and easier to manage. I keep joking with DH I am going to name my birthing ball! I also can't help but wonder if it helped facilitate things as, only an hour and a half or so after I first began using it for the contractions my water broke and I was rushing to the hospital shortly afterwards.

I can't say that everyone should get one and all will be roses and sunshine, but from my experience I am so happy I got one and will be saving it for every subsequent pregnancy.

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