Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cecilia and Felicity Update

Cecilia continues to warm up to Felicity. She likes to play with her toes and hold her hand and tries to give her kisses. It is adorable. She also, however, has been asking to be held more. Can't blame her, especially as she has been feeling so miserable lately.

We are, in fact, sure she is teething now. She was snacking on a cookie this afternoon and I had a tissue handy to wipe her face which requires a bit more pressure than a wipe as it is dry. Only trying to wipe the corner of her mouth and she began wailing.

Felicity, God bless her, continues to be the only healthy one among us now that James has begun cold symptoms. She is still nursing like a champ. Yesterday I began a new schedule with her. I let her naps in the morning last up to 2 hours. In the afternoon I begin waking her once an hour, approximately and this lasts until we go to bed between 9 and 10. I also keep her completely awake for 3 hours each day - one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. So far I am hopeful this new schedule is working its magic. Previously she had been wanting to nurse nonstop from early evening until past midnight, which simply put was not working for me. Last night she fell asleep at 9:15 and slept until midnight, nursed, slept until 3, nursed, slept until 6, nursed, slept until 8:15 and then began her day with her awake hour until 9:30. Definitely more manageable. We will see if it continues. Speaking of which....time to wake her again.

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