Friday, December 7, 2007

Ah, Sleep!

Well, I'm not sure which daughter impressed me more last night. Cecilia, while she woke up twice, put herself back to sleep both times and so slept the night from about 8pm until 7am without needing James or me. Felicity, apparently trying to compete with Cecilia, slept not in 2 or even 3 hour segments but in 2 segments of 4 hours each! We went to bed around 10 and she didn't wake until around 2am to nurse and then slept again until past 6.

Of course it was only one night, but it was a good one regardless!

Unfortunately Felicity is struggling with a cold this week. Being not even 3 weeks old she is not very good about clearing her throat and if the cough gets bad enough she will spit up and has done so three times now. Fortunately though she has not had a fever and has continued to nurse and sleep well even through Cecilia squeals.

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