Saturday, December 8, 2007

Atheistic Hypocracy

The website of the Connecticut Valley Atheists reads:

"The mission of Connecticut Valley Atheists is to promote to the public a positive perception of Atheists and Atheism. CVA intends to accomplish this through community activities, charitable works, and sponsorship of educational events which demonstrate that Atheism is an ethical and meaningful way of life. We intend to seek out and encourage like-minded people to join us and contribute to our efforts."

Yet they have erected a sign under the pretense of celebrating the winter solstice with a picture of the World Trade Center Towers and the words "IMAGINE NO RELIGION." I say, "under the pretense" because since when did celebrating the winter solstice necessitate the absence of religion? It doesn't. And when was the sign erected? On December 1st - the day before the First Sunday of Advent. And this is supposed to promote a "positive perception of Atheists and Atheism"??? Spare me. If someone wants to be an atheist, I recognize their free will to do so but don't put up public displays against religion for the Advent and Christmas seasons and claim you just want to encourage a positive perception of yourselves because such an excuse makes no sense.

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  1. It is always so odd when atheists talk about "ethics". Soulless chemical reactions don't have "ethics". Things like feeding the poor and taking care of the disabled actually make no sense from an evolution-alone point of view.

    Anyway, I'll be quiet now before I get on a roll. Just wanted to say great post, and I'm glad to have discovered your site (via your comment at Melanie B's).