Saturday, December 1, 2007

Felicity "10" Day appt.

Well, Felicity had her "10" day appt. yesterday even though she was 11 days old. Heehee. Her doctor said she looked good. As far as her schedule of nursing and sleeping he said, obviously, if she lets me know she needs to eat, to feed her, but otherwise whatever works best for everyone is fine.

She measured about 19 inches and her head grew as well.

As far as her weight there is a bit of a debate. When the nurse tried to take Felicity's weight, she had trouble with the scale. She couldn't get it to set from Kgs. to Lbs. When she finally got it set the scale read 5 lb., 15.8 ounces. She wrote down 5 lbs., 15 ounces. When I spoke to the doctor I asked if that .8 was tenths or sixteenths. He said it was tenths and her weight should have been recorded as 6 lbs. They rounded up at her appt. a week ago and yet didn't this past week so she was reflected as only gaining 4 ounces instead of 5, which is the minimum they look for. Now, concerned over weight gain, we had purchased a baby scale that measures to the half ounce when Cecilia was a newborn. I weighed Felicity on that last night and she weighed 6 lbs., 5.5 ounces. Frankly, seeing her when she was born, watching her lose weight and then gain it, she looks to me to weigh closer to our scale than the office's. So what does she weigh? Well, James says he has tested our baby scale comparing it to a mail scale we have and an item of which he was certain of the weight and he said it is accurate. I want to test a heavier object to see if the amount goes off with greater weight but for the time being I must say while I do not completely discount the doctor office's measurement, I am doubtful to its accuracy, esp. given the nurse's difficulty with it.

As a wonderful family note, Felicity did get to be held by her big sister for the first time this morning. Next time I will have to have the camera handy. Cecilia held Felicity in her lap just looking and smiling at her. And then she took her hat and tried to put it on. Discovering it didn't fit, she gave it and Felicity back to me and went and got her own hat.

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