Sunday, December 30, 2007

Toilet Teaching One Day At A Time

Yesterday we began potty teaching Cecilia and indeed it was a successful day. In one day, she mastered step 1, namely, she became comfortable enough to sit on potty - which is an Elmo decorated kiddy toilet seat positioned on an adult toilet - for about 10 minutes (or about 3 stories) at a time. Considering yesterday morning when we first put her on it, she cried and only got through half a story and this morning she was content to sit through 3 stories, I'd call yesterday a success.

It is only 8am and today has already been another success. During her first visit to the potty this morning she peed in the potty! The first little bit ceased quickly because she got excited over a balloon in the story I was reading her and the second little bit lasted only a little longer because she became curious what the sound was of the pee hitting the toilet water. But she did it nonetheless.

Day 1: Remove Fear of sitting on toilet. CHECK!
Day 2: Be Relaxed enough to pee in the toilet. CHECK!

Of course the whole thing will take a while, but I have no complaints about our start.

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