Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yet another cold. ::sigh::

It is unbelievable. It is like we can't win. Or maybe I should say Cecilia can't win. Just today when she got the all clear from her urinary tract infection, she has another cold! Her nose has been running like a faucet since yesterday. I vainly hoped it was just teething but it is clearly another cold. My guess as to where she got it was a woman sitting behind us in Church last week. She sat directly behind Cecilia, was sniffling the whole mass, but still shook hands with everyone during the Sign of Peace. Another man at Church kept coughing but never covered his mouth. I commented to James I am tempted to just skip going to any Church until the flu and cold season is over since some people seem completely inconsiderate of the health of others. With rare exception, the only places Cecilia, Felicity or I have been in the last month have been Church and doctor's offices and yet the illnesses seem to attach to us like mosquitos to sugar.


  1. Ouch! Poor Cecilia. What a trial.

    Though you might want to give some of the hand-shaking snifflers the benefit of the doubt. Between pregnancy, which really makes me mucousy, and allergies I have frequently been the heavy tissue blower/cougher in mass while at the same time positive that's all it was. Still, I've had people refuse to shake my hand (knowing I wasn't sick, it didn't occur to me that I might look like I was sick) and I graciously didn't force the issue. I do think that if you have even the appearance of being sick, you should have a care for the concerns of parents with young children.

  2. Melanie, very true. When I am pregnant my nose is permanently stuffed for about 6 months. I just have to wonder how often people being ill even consider how important it is to try to keep their germs to themselves - certainly for the sake of everyone but especially for little children. Maybe they are simply so used to shaking hands, etc. that they don't think about it.