Monday, February 25, 2008

A Modern Holocaust

The other day I came across a program on television on people who wanted a baby so badly they went so far as to cut open pregnant women and steal their unborn children or at least try to. We've all heard about such cases. They are pretty terrible and terrifying. During the course of the show that focused on a few specific cases, some doctors and therapists and other experts were interviewed regarding the nature of these cases and the people who committed such horrible crimes. I was struck with how every "expert" referred to the unborn stolen children as Fetuses.

Yes, Fetus is the technical word for an unborn offspring of viviparous mammals, including humans. And, yes, the term is often used out of respect for the pro-choice community who, heaven forbid, should actually acknowledge they are killing a human baby. It is pure hypocrisy to refer to unborn babies as fetuses and not refer to adults as homo sapiens and children as offspring. Why not refer to adults as homo sapiens or children as offspring? Simply, it isn't necessary for their purposes. The seemingly universal use of the word Fetus is simply the pro-abortion community's influence at dehumanizing an unborn child.

What is the difference between calling an unborn child a fetus and a tattooing a number on a Jew? There isn't one. Both are trying to force a complete lack of recognition of the individual as a human being. It is nothing new that Abortion is America's greatest Holocaust but anyone who recognizes the inherent evil in abortion should refuse to use the word Fetus considering the reason for its use today.

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