Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Well, Felicity turned 3 months yesterday and she grows more every month. She is now 23.5 inches just missing that 2 feet mark and making her total length growth since birth about 5 inches. She weighs 11 pounds and three ounces so by the time she is 4 month she will have more than doubled her birth weight. It is impressive to think all that growth from simply breastmilk. No wonder I'm tired. lol.

She continues to be a happy baby and smiles a great deal. She loves her baths, with which Cecilia helps.

Cecilia continues to be affectionate towards Felicity but she has been more needy lately demanding more attention, wanting to be held more, throwing more tantrums, and telling me to put Felicity in her bassinet or swing. I've been trying extra hard to get done all the cleaning and laundry early this week so I can spend more time with her this weekend.

Cecilia is now very comfortable sitting on the potty but either doesn't understand what she is supposed to do on it (besides be read to) or doesn't care to do anything on it. Frankly, I'm not inclined to push it. While I'd like her trained sooner rather than later, I'm exhausted enough with things as they are that I think, at this point anyway, I'd rather wait and have her help than try to push her and do it all myself.

Cecilia has also become very good at using the computer...

She is proficient in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse websites, Disney websites, Veggietales Pirates Movie Site and is learning the Sesame Street Site.

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