Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What Gives?

On Monday it was over 70 degrees outside.

Now it is snowing.

Too wierd.

Unfortunately my weight ticker will not be moving this week. It's a shame. I was doing really well too. Last week, however, I began to really struggle with weight loss, became very tired even to the point of wanting a nap even before Cecilia's naptime, and began to get daily headaches in the afternoon and evenings. I had an idea what the culprit might be.

I was right.

The doctor confirmed this morning my thyroid levels were off. After all, the last time it was checked I was 8 months pregnant. I start the new dosage tomorrow and hopefully I will be feeling better and losing more weight by next week.

In some sense it can be nice when the thyroid does this and I can at least throw up my hands and protest it is not my fault. At the same time it really sucks when you are working hard to diet and your pesky thyroid gets in the way.

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