Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blessed Easter!!!

He is Risen!


But, of course, I already knew that. But Easter struck me in a little bit different way this year. While trying to get Felicity asleep and keep Cecilia from eating the Cheerio some family left on the floor, I managed to reflect just a bit on the Miracle and Magic of Easter.

Now, there is a very big difference between suffering yourself and enduring the suffering of one you love more than yourself. Whenever my little girl hurts herself or is scared or is sick, it is very easy to feel so helpless and wish it was me instead. And there are some things from which I simply will not be able to protect my children. Some illnesses they will get no matter how clean I keep them and my home. Some nightmares they will have no matter how hard I try to keep any bad images from their eyes. And, of course, one day, there will be nothing I can do to keep them from leaving this world, even if I haven't left it yet.

While I certainly would not be happy to go to Hell and the Magic of Easter gives me the hope of Heaven, somehow, it means so much more to me that Easter means that no matter what may happen to my children in this world, there is the hope of a life without any pain, suffering, nightmares, death or separation for them. By giving them Christ and the Miracle of Easter, I am not helpless. I am armed with the Resurrection and the promise of Jesus! So no matter what evil may chase, haunt or plague my loved ones, I always have and can always share the hope of the Resurrection and the comfort of the Mercy of my Living God! And I simply cannot think of a better gift to entrust to my children.


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