Sunday, March 23, 2008


Yesterday Cecilia got to dye her first Easter Eggs. I had to remove her from the eggs in spurts so as to allow them to get some color, but she had fun. She has been having a blast with them since they dried. She puts them in a bowl and carries them around. Then transfers them to a basket and carries that around. Then she takes them all out and lines them up. And the cycle continues. Unfortunately, there have already been 2 casualties of the original 16, but she hasn't noticed much. Since none of us eat hardboiled eggs, I hollowed them out (like my mom used to do) before dying them. They are much more fragile but can last years if a toddler doesn't break them. :)


The, of course, came today's morning Easter Egg Hunt. She needed a few clues, but overall she needed little help. Once she got going, the eggs began disappearing.




After all the eggs had been found, she turned to her Easter presents.


Mostly she got books (can never have too many of those!) but she also got some candy in her Bunny Easter Basket from Grandma, A Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head set and a plush Bowling set also from Grandma. She has been having a blast all day with the Potato Head couple who happily do not realize they have their arms on their heads and lips for noses. Her other prized present so far is a plush Shaun the Sheep daddy managed to find online. Shaun the Sheep is a claymation series by Aardman (Wallace and Grommit) and almost everything pertaining to it is only found in England. This Shaun (whose name she got perfectly for the first time only just today) shivers when you pull his tail and bleats when you press his nose. Here are some pictures - that is grandpa helping Cecilia with her presents.



For the curious, the book is the complete collection of the works of Beatrix Potter.


You can see Grandpa and Shaun the Sheep.

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