Saturday, March 1, 2008


Cecilia: Well, Cecilia is doing well. She had gotten into a bit of a habit of screaming and throwing tantrums but that has been surprisingly easy to tame with assertive "No"s. She learns more words all the time and can say a nice chunk of the alphabet. She has down A B C D E G J M N O P Q R S T U and Z. F H I K L V W X and Y continue to be a bit challenging but she is getting very close on several of them. Potty training has come to a halt but she is very comfortable sitting on the potty, just not doing anything in it. lol. She has mastered drinking from a common cup - no sippies, straws or lids - and does so at meals.

Felicity: Felicity was sleeping very well with her first nighttime stretch being 5 solid hours and then subsequent hours gradually decreasing in length. Then, about a week into February, her sleeping became terrible. For almost 3 weeks she would wake every hour at night and I became a bit of a zombie. Then, two nights ago, her sleep dramatically improved and has continued to. We aren't quite sure what happened: it could have been teething as she began drooling, gumming her hands, etc., it could have been her 3 month growth spurt, or it could have been a combination of things. She continues to be a very smiley baby - even when she would be up half the night (I wish I could be so smiley so easily!). She has almost mastered complete head control and exercises her legs quite a bit. Her arms are not yet strong enough for her do pushups so she is not happy to lay on her tummy long but she loves trying to stand and loves practicing sitting up so she can see more.

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