Wednesday, April 9, 2008

On the Horizon of Sleep?

Felicity's sleep had been fantastic....sleeping 5 or so hours at a time at night. ... Until she hit about 3 months. And I've been battling her ever since. Some nights she would wake, quite literally, every hour and then about once a week have one good night like she used to.

I came to realize I was losing the battle. So like any good General, I changed tactics. Today!

I put Felicity in her crib on her back at her usual morning nap time and left the room. For three minutes she cried. I went in and reassured her and left. For five minutes she cried. I went in again and reassured her and left. For ten minutes she cried. I repeated my reassurance to her and left. After another 10 minutes I gave up and brought her downstairs. So, all in all, she had only cried for 30 minutes and with intervals of seeing me within those minutes.

I brought her downstairs and held her a bit. After she calmed down I put her in her bassinet for some tummy time. She immediately fell asleep and slept for 38 minutes.

At her second name time, I again put her in her crib but this time on her tummy. After 7 minutes of crying, she was sound asleep for another 38 minutes.

An hour before her third name time, she began getting grumpy so I put her in her bassinet figuring either she would get some tummy time or take a nap on her tummy without help. She conked out again, this time for about 30 minutes.

I am not so naive to think that tonight we will all lay down and sleep peacefully for 7 or 8 hours, with maybe one nursing during the night. But maybe soon? Maybe?

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