Thursday, April 24, 2008

To the Zoo...

At least once every year I try to take Cecilia to the zoo. Seeing the animals on TV is comfy and air conditioned but seeing them up close and live is a worthwhile experience, especially for little ones for whom, suddenly, all those images and pictures move, breath, snort, trumpet and growl before their very eyes and the world becomes larger and more amazing and a wonderland to be explored!

So today we went to the National Zoo in D.C. It was a bit crowded and warm and some extra traffic and construction within the zoo made doing everything we wanted to a bit difficult but we spent about 2 hours there.

As you may know, The San Diego Zoo and the National Zoo in D.C. are the only two zoos in the United States that can boast the Giant Panda. Fortunately, Cecilia was able to see one of the pandas quite a bit during our visit.

Cecilia really enjoyed the Sea Lions the last time we came to the zoo so we made sure to revisit them.

On the way out we stopped by the kid's barnyard area. She got to see the goats, a couple of alpacas and her favorite there, two cows.

Felicity spent most of the visit being strolled around under a canopy napping. Not a bad way for a 5 month old to enjoy the zoo! (Unfortunately, by the time we left we were all so hungry I completely forgot to get a picture of it. Next time)

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