Monday, May 19, 2008

The Many Hats of Cecilia

The beloved purple hat:

The standard baseball cap, in this case, the Texas Rangers:

Even a toy bucket can be a hat:

And of course, if a bucket can be a hat, so can a bag:

There is the Virgin Mary look with the blanket:

Then there is the nun look using, my favorite, pants:

And, when one is not enough, there is the combo:

Wait until she finds out I have a real cowgirl hat. Other things she has tried to wear on her hat are pillows, stuffed animals, shirts, pots, bowls, etc. If it can be put on her head, it becomes designated a "hat." During the typing of this post, Cecilia sat in my lap and with the uploading of every picture she would point and simply say "hat!" Maybe we will buy her a hat on our vacation this summer. Hope you enjoyed this sampling of the many hats of Cecilia.

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